How to create new user account in DELL IDRAC

IDRAC [DELL Remote Access Controller] is the remote management wizard to manage DELL PowerEdge physical servers remotely.

By general we use root credentials to login and access the IDRAC console which has the full administrator access to manage the server, whereas in few cases if we require to restrict access permission then its performed by creating new user account with restricted access based on our needs.

The below steps will guide you in creating new user accounts in DELL IDRAC servers

  • Open DELL IDRAC console
  • Enter the root credentials to login to IDRAC Console

  • Click IDRAC Settings and User authentication

Note: The above step varies based on iDRAC versions since I am using IDRAC 8 here the above step is applicable whereas for older versions of IDRAC 5 & 6 please browse through the path Remote access à Network/Security à Users

  • User Authentication page displays the user IDs that are already created and available

  • To create new user ID, click any one of the user ID with all fields marked as none (say for example 5)
  • The next window opens which displays three fields User Configuration (checked in by default), Smart card configuration (if you would like to setup smart card based authentication) and SSH configuration.
  • Make sure to check-in Configure User and click next
  • The next window appears with 4 categories like General, IPMI User privileges, SNMP v3 and iDRAC User Privileges.

  • In the above window make sure to check-in Enable User in General category and provide the username and password details of new user account that is to be created and in the same window scroll down to iDRAC User Privileges category choose the roles and check in the check boxes based on your access permission needs and click Apply
  • Now the new iDRAC user account has been created and its ready to use, try logging in via the new user credentials to validate that everything works perfect.

If you face any issue in following the same or if you have any other tips, feel free to let us know via comments session below.

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